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You can run 18's with the iM

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If straight line fun is what you want, get manual:

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In all seriousness... My goal is to crack anything in the 17's in spring, and ultimately 16's by the end of next year. I'll take a 17.9 in spring lol, but would obviously like to hit lower...

I have a buddy with access to a CNC machine, and this winter am going to see how many reach-arounds I have to give him to make me an upgraded pitch stop and/or motor mounts to reduce wheel hop and get a better launch. If anyone should come out with some stiffer rear shocks as well that would be great to reduce some of the serious squat this car has between shifts.

I'm going to try and lose about 25lbs off my own fat arse, give the car about a 100-150lbs diet, and I've got my wheel choices down to either 17x8 45mm offset Enkei RPF1's or 17x8 40mm Motegi Tracklites (depending on how much my tax return is) to free up as much unsprung weight as possible.

I'm more interested in Crooks & Castles iM Tuner Challenge car at the moment as they seem to actually be trying to make it faster... I wouldn't be opposed to spraying a 35 shot of Nitrous on this motor (at the track only)... but am still on the fence and hoping someone comes out with a engine management tuning option that would net about 15-20 more wheel horsepower out of the valvematic variable valve timing.
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That's one of the reasons why I like C&C and what the owner usually does to his vehicles, overall his projects turn out to be well rounded vehicles, the right amount of show and go.
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