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I want to have the scion XD, but this is still under consideration.
tell me a bit about your experience.
Um, there is no Scion xD for 2017. The xD platform was discontinued in 2014. Scion itself was discontinued in 2016.

For 2017 the Scion iM, iA and FRS were folded into the Toyota mother brand.

The iM, (which this is the focus of this forum), is based on the Corolla platform with a hatch.

The iM is not the most powerful engine but is adequate for your daily driving needs, just don't be planning on road racing. It does have the advantage of a nice suspension that makes handling enjoyable. It is one of the nicest cabins in the $20,000 price range and is a pleasant place to hang out on my daily ride to work and a few road trips.
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