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Volkswagon Golf vs Scion iM

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MPG Rating (City / Combined / Hwy)
  • Volkswagen Golf: 25/29/36
  • Scion iM: 28/32/37

17-Inch Alloy Wheels
  • Volkswagen Golf: No
  • Scion iM: Standard

7-Inch Touch Screen Audio with Voice Recognition
  • Volkswagen Golf: Standard
  • Scion iM: Standard

Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control
  • Volkswagen Golf: No
  • Scion iM: Standard

Backup Camera Display
  • Volkswagen Golf: No
  • Scion iM: Standard

  • Volkswagen Golf: 6
  • Scion iM: 8

  • Volkswagen Golf: $21,815
  • Scion iM: $19,995
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The additional hp would explain the higher price and the lack of extra trims. Have to cut costs somewhere.
Does the VW Golf not come with quite a number of different engines?

Which one are we talking about here? The base engine? Petrol? Diesel? (I don't think you can buy the diesel any more :/ )

I see the base engine as having 210 HP, not 170 with the TSI engine.
I went off the original one that was compared here - then went to the VW page here and found 170.

I think you are thinking of the GTI that has 210 hp.

**Admittedly, I couldn't find a 1.8T S, just the 1.8T**
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I see it now on the website.

The Golf seems to have some problems, and its not to do with its diesel engine, but it's still a problem.

Volkswagen is recalling 91,867 cars including the 2015-2016 Jetta, the 2015-2016 Beetle, 2015-2016 Golf SportWagen, 2015-2016 Volkswagen Passat and 2015-2016 Golf and Golf GTI (see update below). It’s all over troubles with the new EA888 engine.

That engine is a good one. I just reviewed the 2016 Passat and found that little 1.8-liter Turbo version of the EA888 to be a darned good mill.

But, it turns out, I got lucky, because the EA888’s exhaust camshaft lobes have a tendency to shear off. The exhaust camshaft drives the fuel pump and brake vacuum pump, so once that camshaft is toast, there go your power brakes. And without power brakes, that corner up ahead is gonna get really hairy.
And here's the update to the article...

Update: We called VW for more info, and they told us the GTI is actually not part of this recall (they’ve submitted a new form 573 to NHTSA that does not include the GTI). Additionally, VW’s rep says it’s more likely that the lobe is actually spinning around the shaft, rather than shearing, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Update 2: After another call to VW, it looks like they will issue a stop-sale on 3,500 affected vehicles.

Update 3: NHTSA has updated their Safety Recall Report so that it no longer includes the GTI.
Volkswagen Recalling 92,000 Cars For Shearing Camshafts, Loss Of Power Brakes*(Update)*
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The Golf may have won in hp but not reliability. :eek:
The Golf may have won in hp but not reliability. :eek:
It is going to take years for VW to regain the trust of the public. I just can't believe anything they say now.
Put some 16" on your iM and it becomes a lot closer dynamics wise to the new Golf. I was legitimately surprised. I knew going down a size would help with compliance but I didn't think it would do *that* much for this car so I'm guessing our stock wheels could be on the heavy side as well. The rubber I picked is also quieter than stock (Bridgestone, not Toyo) except when hitting expansion joints, where they're louder.

For reference, I put 16x7s on with Michelin X-I3 215/55 97H XL rubber.
Mmm, I don't care how reliable or fancied-up a new Golf is. I hate working on VW's, lol. Actually, I hate working on most German cars. It's not that I don't like everything about them. I mean, BMW's ride very nice and love the features and such, but I just don't like the 'over-engineered' side of everything.

For example, our iM's (haven't taken the door panel off yet, but I assume it's the same as every other Toyota) will most likely have a scissor-style window regulator that raises and lowers the window with an expandable 'X', a gear and a motor. VW, on the other hand, will use a series of pulleys and cables running around a track that attach to a gear that turns the cables (separate, but acting as one) at the same time. The cable will be pulled/pushed along the top/left pulley (in one way of operation) then go down a channel, diagonally cross the entire door and go around the top/right pulley, go down that channel and come out at the bottom pulley, diagonally go back to the gear and connect to the opposite side. The cables attach to a trolley unit that then attaches to the glass and will act as an 'elevator' of sorts on the left and right... -_-'
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