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So this has been bothering me for a while. The scion IM tuner challenge, what the **** happened to the cars and why haven't we heard what they sound like or for that matter even seen them driven !?..... They both have custom exhaust yatta yatta and all these mods in them but does it even function ? Or just for show. Cause i don't know about everyone but I'd sure as **** would like too see the crooks castles scion IM be driven
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With Scion closing they probably shuttered the program.
My guess is the cars are either sold as is, builder are keeping it for personal use, cars have been brought back down to stock and parted, etc. The list goes on.
Remember when the had the Scion FR-S tuner challenge ? Those got put through driving tests as well aesthetics didn't they ? I would guess because of the closing down of them, they figured screw it and ended that without anymore done.
They are owned by Scion / Toyota, and have been at numerous car shows. They're the ponies in the stable... only get taken out for special occasions.
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