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Since i replaced my Toyota im badges to the correct Auris badges i decide to do the same for the floor mats but never found an option to achieve it, i found a solution that help me got rid of the iM logo on the floor mats.

TRD embroided patches Glued with E6000 adhesive!
Toyota Racing Development TRD High-Quality Embroidered Patch 5" X 2"

was thinking to get them to a upholsterer but i think the e6000 glue will do the job since is not a piece that will be taking abuse due to the location.if they fall apart then i get them to the upholsterer.

if using the glue place at leats 6 pound object on them until dry,and dont over glue them!
the patch has a back film that needs to be heated just to make sure its not loose and make the glue fail,in my case i found that the film turned to a low grit surface perfect for adhesion,just use a hair blower!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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