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TRD Accessories a Must?

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Pulled from the Car and Driver review where they spent time in an iM fitted with TRD lowering springs, anti roll bars and air filter.

Speaking of cornering, this is arguably what the iM does best. While steering feel won’t win any awards, the electrically driven rack does direct the front tires with precision. We spent a fair bit of time driving an iM that Scion fitted with the accessory TRD lowering springs, TRD anti-roll bars, and TRD air filter, and decided that all should be mandatory equipment for anyone with a pulse, as these parts reduce the car’s body motions and sharpen its response, thus making the most of the strut front/control-arm rear suspension’s capabilities.
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The thing is, once you add those TRD parts, I'm sure the price of the vehicle jumps up pretty considerably. And at that point, why not just go for a more expensive vehicle in the first place?
oh please. TRD lowering springs cost $200 for example. You're adding like a grand at most if you bought the springs, sway bars and intake...
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