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Allow me to jntroduce myself. I have my associates in automotive technology, bachelors to teach automotive ( career and tech education). 6 ase certifications, just under 6 months of experience as a technician for toyota, and just over 4 years of experience as a technician at a honda/acura dealer..ive always been a car guy, and mainly like little jap cars.... up until last week i has a 2013 civic si sedan, and for various reasons i ended up trading it in on a pearl white 6 speed manual scion im. Coming from a full bolton except for catback civic si with a dohc 2.4 ivtec motor in a lighter car to a heavier car with a corolla eco engine is a game changer to say the least. But anyway, it is what it is, and im here now. Just ordered the aem intake by the way, anyone try that one out yet? I got it mainlymfor sound, the im is so hard to hear its hard to take off from a stop if the guy next to you has loud exhaust. Looking forward to bejng a member of a new community, hopefully this forum turns out as well as the 9thgencivic forum
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