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I just got done talking to Tanabe. They told me that they just finished the test for catback and strut bars for our cars. The bad news is, for some reason, they are not releasing those just yet. But they are releasing lowering springs for our scion iM. The tanabe part number is TNF191

Tanabe USA R&D Blog | Scion iM

Tanabe USA Inc. - NF210 Normal Feeling Springs

Hopefully they release the catback...

I also called TRD but now help from them... TRD made it sound like they dont have time for our iM's...
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The spring rates are 2.4 front, 3.8 rear? Is that right? That's 134 lbs and 213 lbs. What are the stock spring rates?

Tanabe USA Inc. - NF210 Normal Feeling Springs
hhnnggg don't buy lowering springs, get coilovers. Having springs be a different rate than your shocks is just silly.
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