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How would one go about getting different headers that look like this?

DC SPORTS 4-2-1 1PC HEADER: SCION iM 2016 & xD 08-13, TOYOTA MATRIX & COROLLA 1.8L 09-13-Options Auto Salon - Sport Compact Car Performance Parts

Not much luck with figuring out which ones other than this one would fit.

That is a fantastic find! I have to hand it to you guys - you find stuff for these cars I would never find. I would be interested to see how anyone goes with this. My Haynes manual actually does not go into working on the header - AT ALL - believe it or not. Most of the problem with modern engines is getting adequate access. I've never really looked that hard at the stock header and how difficult it would be to replace. Pity modern cars are not like the ones from 40 years ago where there was heaps of space to work around engine bays, no pesky shrouding underneath cars and much simpler exhausts without the hassles of cat converters, etc.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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