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Special Service Campaign JSD - Remedy Notice Certain 2014 - 2017 Model Year Corolla Vehicles Certain 2017 Model Year Corolla iM Vehicles Certain 2016 Model Year Scion iM Vehicles

Remedy Available

An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in the subject vehicles has improper programming that could lead a component in the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) to unnecessarily cycle and experience abnormal wear. If this component becomes damaged, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) may illuminate in the instrument cluster and the vehicle could experience a reduction of speed. After reaching a pre-determined gear ratio, the vehicle can be operated up to approximately 37 mph.

Any authorized Toyota dealer will inspect the CVT control software and, if necessary, perform an update for that software at NO CHARGE. After inspecting the software and, if necessary, performing the software update, the CVT solenoid valve controlling the gear ratio in the CVT will be inspected* and, if necessary, the CVT valve body assembly will be replaced at NO CHARGE. A portion of the CVT solenoid valve inspection process requires the dealer technician to test drive the vehicle for a certain distance and at certain speeds. In the unlikely event that the vehicle is exhibiting the condition (i.e., DTC P2820 is present) before receiving this remedy, any authorized Toyota dealer will replace the CVT assembly at NO CHARGE. *: Some vehicles may be exhibiting certain powertrain malfunctions unrelated to the condition covered by this Special Service Campaign, that may interfere with the dealer's ability to perform the solenoid valve inspection. These powertrain malfunctions MUST be diagnosed and repaired prior to performing this Special Service Campaign (DO NOT perform CVT software update or the CVT solenoid valve inspection until these malfunctions are diagnosed and, if necessary, repaired). Resolution of existing powertrain malfunctions are not covered as part of this Special Service Campaign and should be diagnosed and repaired under warranty if still covered. If the vehicle is not covered by warranty, the customer is responsible for the cost of diagnosis and repair.

Campaign Date
August 2, 2018

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