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just picked up my 2018 yesterday..loving it..hope to get a lot of ideas for it here..
Congrats on your new iM. What color did you opt for?

I'm still waiting around to see what the 2019 model iM (US release) offers up, before I make a final decision, since it is supposed to be the next-gen Auris/iM built on the new Toyota global platform (unless they hold over the US release for that version until 2020?). If I don't like what I see with the newer design version, I will pick up the current gen model before they disappear. I also like that the current gen for the US market is still built in Japan, which is a rare bonus today. I believe the next-gen won't be. :crying: I really love my current car, so I can be patient.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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