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To remove the steering wheel first remove the little cover by the cruise control lever

Next there are 3 spring tabs that have to be released.

Those are released by sticking a screwdriver or Allen wrench or something that is a little wide to push on it. I used a torx screwdriver

One on the bottom and one on the left and right. The one on the right is behind the cruise control cover.
Then unhook the airbag
Pull up the little locks then pull the connector straight up. There will be a small single wire there for the horn as well. Might want to unplug the horn so it doesn't keep going off every time you move the horn pad
Next loosen but don't remove the steering wheel nut. It's a 19mm. Then pull the wheel so it's not stuck, might have to bump it from the back. Then make sure the wheel is perfectly straight or mark the wheel and the shaft so it can go back the same way. Unplug the remaining 2 plugs. I believe a white one and a black one the you can remove the wheel completely.
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