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I just recently purchased a 2016 Scion I'm. I do not have the upgraded BeSpoke radio, just the regular stock radio (it does have Aha).
For the Sirius/XM connectivity, I purchased (through the dealership) a Vais Technology GSR-001 satellite radio interface. This is made for Toyota/Scion. I found the same unit on Amazon:

After install, the XM works great, full integration. You get all of the same information (minus album art) on the stereo screen vs. a separate control unit. Everything can be controlled by the touchscreen and steering wheel controls.

The downside is:
- The satellite antennae must still be mounted somewhere on the vehicle (they could not tap into the factory antennae fin).
- The unit interfaces to the stereo via the USB input under the stereo console. The plug keeps the drop-down door from closing.

I might see if there is 90 degree USB male end adapter to use here, so that the door closes. They placed the antennae on the drivers-side/forward dash, which will be covered by a dash mat.

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