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Just got an 6speed iM 4 days ago. I came from a mustang gt sn95 manual. I was wondering if anyone has experienced leg/bottoms pain after driving. My mustang had a stiff clutch compared to the super light clutch on the iM so I doubt it's that.
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CR found the seats to be straining for taller folks overtime. :\

I've been trying to modulate my seating position, but that's probably my biggest gripe with the car right now and more or less regret. My Astra's seats were awesome once adjusted. I'd drive for 12 hours without feeling any discomfort. I feel the biggest limitation with the iM is the lack of real reach adjustment with the steering wheel.
So the seating position isn't great with the stock seats? Or did you change from the stock seats?
Or did you change from the stock seats?
Not sure if you're asking me, but I have no intention of getting rid of the stock seats unless I happen to find a crashed Corolla S with seats I could easily swap into the iM. I don't want to lose the airbags.
Raising the seat up higher and reclining the back more helped a little. Gives my legs more room without sacrificing the reach of pedals or steering wheel.
As long as you are comfortable and your seating position isn't putting you at risk in terms of safety (airbag, headrest, etc...)

You can always try to find some type of cover or cushion that might make the seat more comfortable.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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