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Scion is going to be using SaleMove's software to provide a virtual showroom for its dealers.

Customers will be able to interact through text, voice calls or videoconferencing according to SaleMove Chief Executive Officer Dan Michaeli. A customer and a Scion representative car share a screen and navigate the brand's website together.

“Customers are no longer physically coming to the dealership, so we’re moving as much of the process in the dealership online,” Michaeli said in a telephone interview last week. “The website is becoming the new storefront, and this is the tool that allows them to capitalize on that.”
Scion plans to rollout the SaleMove platform to about 50 dealers in an experimental program starting this summer. Consumers will be able to start on and then shift to a dealership website and representative when they're closer to a purchase.

Seems like a good step to appeal to the younger clientèle that Scion is going after.
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