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Imagine that, thanks to the iM and iA Scion was the fastest growing automaker in the US during September 2015. Since the iM and iA officially went on sale September 1st they have grown Scions sales up some 57%.

Yes its easy to post big YoY growth numbers when your performance over the past year has been lackluster, but that certainly doesn't take away from the buzz the new Scions have caused.

Just how important were the iM and iA to Scion? Tim Cain from Good Car Bad Car writes that together, the two new Scions account for 52% of the brands total September volume. So how did the iM do? 1,353 sales in its first month, and easily the second best selling Scion model, behind the iA of course.

Now the only question is, can Scion keep it up through October?
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