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Scion iM Resale Value?

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Well now that Scion is dead, a few of you may be wondering if the value of your car will appreciate over time. Hate to break it to you but no, it’s not going to appreciate more than what you originally paid for it. Actually, the price is going to depreciate over time just like any other vehicle even if it has the discontinued Scion badge.

That’s because Scion sold thousands of iMs last year and around 1400 this year before the brand was cut. Unless something magically happens to wipe out all of the other iMs out there, thus leaving yours as the only one standing, people won’t be willing to pay a premium for it just because it has a Scion badge. Also, production for the car itself isn’t going to stop. The iM itself isn’t discontinued as the model will be branded as a Toyota starting August.

On the bright side, the value may not appreciate but it won’t drop like a rock either. For example, a used 2010 Mercury Milan’s average sale price is $10,669 and this is after the brand has been axed. Its twin was the Ford Fusion and the 2010 Fusion is averaging around $10,565. A very small difference between an axed brand and one that’s still ongoing, plus the iM was built with Toyota reliability, something that the used market looks at.

For anyone hoping to make a profit, it won’t happen unless you have the last one on earth or it’s a special model with some history behind it. Otherwise, it’s business as usual.
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Didn't expect the Scion iM's resale value to be affected all that much if at all. Cars that appreciate are those produced in very limited numbers, not massed produced cars like Scions.
I won't be too concerned about this since I doubt there's much it could drop by. If there is however something related to issues and such that are more common in this first production year... then i'll start being concerned... no one wants to buy that.
This isn't the first production year. Just the first year it was sold in this configuration in this country. I'm not worried about the resale value as long as I can refinance it in a year.
it's not like I'm buying the car primarily because it has a high resale vale. You'll get about the same, and it won't me be much.
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