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Scion iM on Bags

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Anyone thinking of putting their Scion iM on bags ?? This guy seems to have an Air Lift setup but I'm not too sure if it's for sale yet ? Couldn't find it at least.

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I highly doubt you need to wait for a setup made specifically for the iM. If you go to any shop that specializes in suspension applications like this they'll be able to do it for you, you just have to be prepared to spend at least $3500+. Expensive but worth it as long as the setup is QUALITY.
Definitely, you won't be able to find a full air ride setup that's proper quality for less than $4k.
can't you just use TC air ride systems? there's plenty in the 3k range.
One important thing to point out is anyone that wants coils but still the ability to adjust ride height should really look into getting a setup that combines coils and bags:

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Buying a cup kit for your coil setup is the ultimate setup, but very costly. When I was checking for cup kits before it was $2k for a front pair and another $2k for the rears, combine that with a good coilover setup and it's quite a bit of money.

On the bright side you can go a really low height and when you reach a speed bump, raise the car for a little bit, go over, and drop back down.
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