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Update to my previous post. I asked them if the car had any mods.

response "I believe the car had an intake and catback exhaust."

There really isn't much the IM owners can do to the car because of the lack of aftermarket but I can tell you one thing most owners are not going to be going deep into mods like camshafts and stuff that would require so much tuning. If you have a turbo kit yes that would require a lot of tuning but I don't see that really coming to this car unfortunately. Orange Virus did mention in this forum that a turbo kit would be in the works if enough people were interested. That interest will probably be based off of sales or the tuning software. That is my guess though.

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Hello everyone,

sorry to catch up with this thread so late, we had a issue with being able to log onto this forum.

The current information on our site is about to be updated very soon. Regarding tuning the iM / Corolla.. here is what we can do.

There is so much more possible than just altering ignition.

Currently we have access to both the CVT and MT,
Tables include:
Throttle control / Torque control for throttle
Valve tming control tables for various engine temperatures. The ECU uses a multi table system for targeting different valve advances based on engine load, engine RPM, and engine temperature.
Ignition timing
Fuel tables / fuel target
Rev limiter(s)
Shift control (CVT)
and many other tables including load switch over for acceleration demand,
injector control tables etc.

it's not quite all finished up yet but will be soon. We do have full access to flash the ECU and have the firmware for them, we're right now dissecting additional needed tables for some ecus.
we've been working on the ECU for over a year now, it took al ong time to get safe access to flashing the stock ECU, but it's now possible.

We are also looking into turbo kit options for the scion iM. If there is enough interest we may build one.

For the 2ZR-FE Corolla..
We have been working with TurboKits to develop a OEM ECU reflash for their turbo kit
will it be available again
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