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Scion iM -- built in UK or Japan?

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It appears that Scion is bringing the second-generation Toyota Auris to the U.S. and Canada as the Scion iM. Currently, the Auris is manufactured in the UK (Burnaston, Derbyshire) and Japan (Toyota City).

Where will our iMs be made?

For 2015, U.S. Yaris models will not arrive from France, rather than Japan. With Europe's car market still reporting weak sales, some automakers, like Fiat, are using under-utilized European factories for export. For this reason, I wager out Auris / Scion iM will be imported from the UK.

What do you think?

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The iM is completely assembled in Japan. 100% made in Japan. The FRS is only 93% made in Japan.
When I picked up my iM there was a sticker on the window that said that parts were 100% made in Japan and the car was 100% assembled in Japan.
Its 100% Japanese! That was the #1 reason why I bought it, lol.
I like the front end of the Auris with the fog lights. I hate the wheels on the Scion Im. The wheels on the auris are much better. I seen a image of the Toyota version of the Im and the wheels on it are perfect. Wish they sold the Toyota version in the U.S.
Its 100% Japanese! That was the #1 reason why I bought it, lol.
Me too!
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