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Scion iM Body Kits...

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Considering the Aurius will show up here as the iM I think there mauy be a good possibility that we see Toyota/Scion offer some of the funkier accessories and kits from across the lake. For instance...



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Interesting, I'm actually of the opinion that the kit they teased on the concept iM will eventually be offered as an OEM accessory...
I like the grille on the TRD body kit.

I'm not exactly sure what we are thinking with the Lexus models though. Are you saying you'd like to see those body kits on the iM?

If you like the Lexuses, why don't you go buy a Lexus?
I thought we were talking about TRD, unless the pictures plastered with TRD are just a jape?

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LOL no worries...

hehehehh because Japan...

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