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How Old Are You

  • 15 to 25

    Votes: 12 17.1%
  • 26 to 35

    Votes: 27 38.6%
  • 36 to 45

    Votes: 18 25.7%
  • 46 to 55

    Votes: 10 14.3%
  • 56 to 65

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • 66 to 75

    Votes: 2 2.9%
  • 75+

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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I am older than the normal demographic I see at modern car shows, but I still feel young.
"Age ain't nothing but a number.... it's all about the mileage on the vehicle."
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26-35 being the largest group... i'm not surprised. Just goes to show how consistent and on the point Scion is with targeting the audience they want and even getting a good amount of the older demographic.
I also think that it is a function of younger people being more likely to join a forum like this. There could be many more iM owners that are older, they just might not pass through the forum or stick around like the folks here do.

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I'm 55 and have been looking at smaller cars for a while. My wife just happened to be out of town when I noticed the iM and after reading the reviews, liked the styling and of course the price was right I decided to go get one. I'm waiting on it to be shipped in since they only had 2 on the lot and not my color. Anyway she arrived back home and I told her I have something to tell you. I said honey I had a mid life crisis moment while you were gone and paused after I said that. I was wondering what she was thinking. I told her I bought the iM. She smiled and laughed and said you have been wanting something to play with for a while. my main reason was I needed a commuter to drive back and forth to work since it is 40 miles each way. So here I sit reading the forum making my mod and shopping list hoping to get a call any day now. I'll add stuff when the new addition arrives.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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