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Scion iM, a Lightweight Compact?

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Maybe, I know the UK spec Auris with a MT and their 1.6L 4 cyl tips in at 2900 lbs... how well will that translate...
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That sure will translate well to good MPG numbers, just not sure how well it could be.
Plus depending on what engine(s) they plan on making available here could change the weight
It would be a big draw to the car if they could post a great mpg number. And I think that Scion's target market cares about stuff like that. Young people love the environment and efficiency.
Relatively positive it will be the Corolla's 1.8L, its already registered and homologated for NA sales. Its a Corolla underneath so they get to circumvent the rules for bringing a new model to market.

Mileage numbers will be identical to the Corolla. I don't see many 20 somethings buying Corolla's but that has everything to do with having no money than it does with environment and efficiency.

The smart ones buy used regardless..
I agree

I don't see mileage being too far off from what the corolla gets right now, maybe it will be off by 1mpg or better yet the same.
should be able to maintain its weight for the US, Corollas with the 1.8 tip in at 2800 and change...
what ever they add to it shouldn't offset it's weight by much from what i'm guessing.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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