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Toyota’s attempts to woo hip and young buyers with a target brand has ended, Scion is dead and the name has now been picked up by Trump Hotels.

Last month, their final message appeared on Scion's Facebook page:

"Today, after 13 years and nearly 1.2 million owners, Scion closes its doors. Some of our models will continue to live on with the Toyota USA brand, and we would like to thank you for sharing the ride with us. Whichever road you choose to take, we hope it leads to a bright future."

The name may be leaving the automotive world, but it’ll get a rebirth of sorts with Trump Hotels as the chain plans to use the brand name Scion for new projects targeted at young, urban travellers. Maybe they’re trying to appeal towards younger customers, a similar crowd as when Scion first started producing vehicles in 2003.

The Scion hotels are slated to open next year, so we’ll have to wait and see how well they do compared to their automotive counterpart. Toyota’s Scion brand started off strong, but their sales of tapered throughout the years. Do you think the same trend will be seen with the new trump hotels?
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