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Scion addresses the transition to toyota

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I was looking at scion website and saw some changes. The name became scion by Toyota.
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It's such corporate PR though. I want real answers not nicely written bullsh*t that just says, "Scion was a success," "What a great time to integrate Scion into the Toyota."

OK... but what's the real story.
Who knows if we will ever figure out the whole truth, but I'm sure plenty of journalists will write some interesting articles on it.
OK... but what's the real story.
It was a dumb marketing move that never needed to happen and cost Toyota too much for fuckall ROI.

I don't know how many times I'll be saying this, but Toyota never had a branding problem, they had a product problem. Scion was an answer to a problem that never existed for Toyota. Nothing Scion has done couldn't have been done by the mothership.

On a different note:

For MY17, the iA, iM and FR-S will remain monospec and a single price. After that, we will evaluate how pricing for those vehicles as Toyotas will be carried out. Regarding Pure Process Plus, it’s specific to Scion so it won’t be available at Toyota dealers.
That's rather interesting, but I guess they're already invested in the names. The monospec part I'm a bit confused about, but I can find a reasonable explanation for: either they're testing the waters (impact of the normalization) or it's just product planning.
Finally Toyota addressed the product problem, well, years ago. But now we're seeing it in its prime or in the early stages of that. One big step for them is going to be that compact sports car that sits under the FR-S, can't wait.
Was hoping the monospec scheme would be continued under Toyota because it really does save a lot of money for buyers.
The benefits overall will do more anyways, getting rid of monospec probably helps them to target a much larger audience. Plus anyone serious about going all out wont mind paying a bit more to do that, as long as price is reasonable, which with Toyota that's typically the case.
They're probably keeping monospec the first year just so they can sell the Scions they already have with a Toyota badge on them.
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