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RPM Fludder while sitting at a Stoplight

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Have the 2016 iM.....Just recently getting a RPM Fludder while sitting at stoplights...I can see the gauge needle move up and down slightly also feel the engine idle.

I cleaned the MAF Sensor & Air Filter that didnt do anything...

Anyone else here getting an odd Idle RPM Fludder???
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I have a 2018 IM and I noticed that flutter right away. I guess that is normal since mine did that the day I bought it.
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Yes, it's normal.
Mine does that too but only with the AC off. (2017 iM with 32K)
Just wanted to chime in on this "issue." I just bought my 2018 Corolla iM last week and noticed the same thing at stop lights or when the car is idling but only with the A/C on (will idle up to about 900 RPM then back down continuously while idling). RPM's are fine and no fluctuations with A/C off. It's unusual for me, but I just visited the Toyota dealer this morning and the Service Advisor told me it is normal for the car to do this. Wife's 2016 Corolla sedan doesn't do it when A/C is on so that's why I went in right away to get Toyota's opinion. Now that I read other responses here it seems like it's normal for our cars to do this.
It happens to my boy too, i have a 6 speed though. With A/C off it will drop to about 500rpm and then bump back up to 900rpm, and kind of bounce between the two until it had a happy, yet grumbly 600rpm idle. It happens more when the engine is cold for me, i can't talk for when the A/C is on because i usually drive with the windows down.

2016 with 22k miles btw.
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