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Hello all,

I just purchased a new 2016 iM the other day for the wife. So far she loves it.

Where I live, you need to have a dashcam because the police will no longer respond to fender benders. I believe that I can tap into the front of the vehicle accessory wire behind the stereo (or in the ceiling?).

The question that I have is this: Does anyone know if there is a power wire in the rear of the vehicle, that a dashcam can be tapped into? It would only need power when the accessory switch is on (basically, not constant).

The wire kit that I am using is:

EDO Tech® Ultra Compact 5V Mini USB Direct Hardwire Car Charger Cable Kit for DVR Dash Cam Vehicle Camera Recorder - From Amazon.

Thank you in advance!

p.s. - I'm getting a Sirius/XM kit (hidden/integrated) installed today from the dealership. If it works, I can post the part number under the satellite radio thread.

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