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PT747-12160 Scion iM Lower Body Graphics

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Here's what it looks like.

This horizontal lower body graphic adds a unique look to the your Scion iM. It extends along the lower rocker molding from the front door to the rear of the vehicle and features distinctive dot-fade pattern. The dark graphite color ensures the graphic stands out on most iM colors. Made from tough UV-resistant vinyl material, it resists yellowing, fading and peeling.


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the fuqq... not into it ONE BIT....

Thanks for the post though... you know if there will be other options??
Not a big fan of the iM body graphic. Is that the only option available?
It feels a bit dated to me, like its a late-'90s/early-'00s thing. Look at these and see what I mean.

Same detail on the 2011 Scion tC

To be fair though, the 2014 Lexus CT has a very similar graphic on it, and it looks pretty good.
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I think it looks better on the 2014 Lexus CT because it's not a complete line and it's broken up in the back and it's a bit more sporty looking. The Scion iM looks better without one but maybe someone will stick on their own custom graphics and prove me wrong.
I think if the iM had the body kit from the concept it might look better with the graphic, but the actual model isn't looking too aggressive so the graphic just looks put on.
Im having custom flat baby blue side graphics put on in a few days. Also thanking about doing some 3D carbon fiber wrapping too. I took the car to my vinyl guy today and he came up with some really nice ideas for my car. ;)
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