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Options shown on KBB

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I was looking up the iM on Kelley Blue Book and thought others might find the Options list that shows Invoice & MSRP pricing interesting too.

Kelley Blue Book

Just click the "+" next to the area of interest.

Does anybody know if the $399 shown for lowering springs include installation? I'm hoping so since the $89 for the bumper protector did include installation.
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****. I got charged for installation of the bumper protector.
Here's the catch... all prices include installation, BUT only if you order the car that way.... meaning if it's sitting on their lot already and you want specific parts that the dealer has to installed you'll get raped. If the car is still sitting at the port where it's originating from the parts get installed there before it even gets to the dealer. Basically if it's on the lot... it's up to the dealer how the pricing works on accessories. Or put your foot down.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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