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My previous Corolla (2014) had a menu where I could customize the car (door locking, lock beep, etc).
This functionality was missing from my 2018 Corolla iM.
I found out that these settings can only be changed via ODB2.
I had an old Bluetooth one lying around, but it did not provide the customizations option.
I found the Carista one, and picked it up for $2, with a free 30 day "all features" trial.
It worked!

I was able to change:
Disable wireless Door unlock
Beep when unlock with remote
Blink turn indicator on unlock
Beep when lock see with door open
Panic button disable
Relock automatically
Unlock all on 1 press

Drivers window 1 press

Odometer disappear after ignition off
Key in ignition ding speed
Ding when headlights left on
Seat belt warnings
Leave change Auto flash count
Eco mode default

Interior light duration
Auto headlight threshold
Auto high beam enabled

Air conditioning automatic
Auto blower speed
Open vents when ignition off

PCS distance defaults
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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