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Traded in my 10 year old "stripped down" Yaris for the Toyota iM.

So many bells and whistles, it is my car but my husband and I are fighting over who gets to drive it. I wish there was a manual for the audio/display/wireless/bluetooth options, but we're figuring it out. I have two questions...

-- My husband, who is tall, adjusted the height and he claims that he can no longer adjust it -- the seat adjuster does seem to be stuck, but maybe we're just confused about how it works. At any rate I'm comfortable in its current position...
-- Is there a way to adjust the audio -- base, treble, balance, etc? Can't find it.
-- This car sits low to the ground, actually similar to my Yaris, but optically it looks lower. Anyone noticed particular problems with bumps or whatever?

Thanks for any feedback!
You should be able to order a manual from Toyota for it, also look on eBay. There is plenty of ground clearance, the body kit just makes it look lower which is a good thing!
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