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New to the iM, not Scion

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Hey everyone, my name is Chad and I'm in Phoenix, AZ. I am the VP of our chapter of alphaSQUAD car club. I got my iM about a week ago. I cannot wait to get started on the mods. So far I have done just the shifter and interior led's. I have already ordered my headlight led's and HPS intake. I also have some Sparco pedals to put on and all the replacement speakers and amp and sub. In the very near future I will be doing an air suspension and wheels. I been very into the Scion game for many years. I have previously owned a 2007 tC and a 2012 xB. I loved both of my previous Scions and so far am loving my iM.


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Welcome to the forum Chad!Your new iM is a collectors edition now. :D
What speakers are you getting to replace the stock ones?
The shifter is really cool. Looking forward to seeing what else you are going to do with the iM. You look like you know what you are doing.

Welcome! Cheers!
Welcome to the forum!

How do you feel about Scion closing its doors? Some people I spoke to don't care and some say they'll miss the bit of uniqueness it had from Toyota.
Thanks guys. For speakers I have some Fosgate tweeters and then pioneer speakers. I have an Alpine X-type 12 I'll be throwing in too. I had some unexpected bills come up so air ride is gonna wait a bit and I'm gonna do coils for the time being.

To be honest, I'm hugely disappointed that Scion is closing its doors. I remember back in the day when Scion used to hold events all the time for Scion owners. I LOVED the no haggle pricing idea. Most of all, I am worried that even though they are transferring the iA, iM and FR-S to Toyota, they will not support the aftermarket and customization of these cars like Scion did.
This whole change has me thinking what they'll call the iM in future years, Corolla Wagon?

What would you like them to call it?
It would make sense to call it the Auris but they will likely just call it a Toyota iM.
It would make sense to call it the Auris but they will likely just call it a Toyota iM.
That it would be they have been known in the past to use different names for different markets. Might hold true today, might not. Calling it a Corolla could do it some good for all we know.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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