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Hello everyone,

So as of Friday, I became a new owner of a 2016 Scion IM WITH 41k miles. This isn't my first Scion. My first car that I got on my own was a 2008 Scion XB and it was my favorite car I ever owned. However, as much as I loved that car, it became a money pit. So I had to trade it in for a 2013 Prius V, which I loved that car as well however, I was forced into that car because I got a repair bill for the Scion I couldn't afford. And the dealership I've been going to for years for my service needs tried to screw me over on my trade and overall, the trade in experience was a complete nightmare.
This happened a little over 2 years ago. If I could of gotten a newer XB I would have and even now, its impossible to find the late model years of the XB in my area and I checked up to a 75 mile radius.

As much as I loved the gas I was saving with the Prius (46-50mpg), it wasn't a fun drive and I had already put on 56k onto the car with in that time frame due to my work commutes and at 135k on the odometer small repairs here and here that began to add up. I had put over 56k on the car with in the 2 years I've had the Prius. But the family road trips were fun and going on long drives was fun, although leg numbness was as issue for me, even on my new shorter work commutes. Anyway, I've been feeling for a while that it was time to let go, get myself into a car that I wasn't forced into, and get a car that I want and I can enjoy. As mentioned before; about 6 months ago, I got a new job which is closer to home and now my annual driving will be around 12k-13k a year. I must say, after test driving the car, I was won over. The car is in decent shape for a used car, a few scratches here and there, but nothing that can't be buffered out and repainted.

So far, I've driven 160 miles with the car. Which all were hour long drives and for the first time in 2+ years, I didn't experience leg numbness. The negatives about the car for me is that its smaller that the Prius V. In comparison in size, the Prius V is a the same size as the RAV4. So I downgraded in size, however my girlfriend recently got a new RAV4 and now that car has turned into the family hauler over the Prius. Now most of my commutes, runabouts are by myself. So the space is adequate for my needs. And for a non-hybrid, with the driving I've done since Friday. I've achieved between 38-40 mpg between highway and in town driving. Those numbers are impressive, so my gas savings isn't taking to much of a dramatic hit. I'm sure with warmer weather on the way in the coming months, my MPG will get better.

So here's my long story. :)
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