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new owner of scion im

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hello guys, my gf just bought her new im, i own a veloster and the im gunna say the im is far better.. but have questions for some of you guys, is there any intakes for these cars? how about mufflers? hid or led from headlights to interior and reverse lights? any strut bars? i plan on installing a sub and amp for her in her car as im pretty good with audio, i compete in sound offs with my veloster the only good thing about that car lol. well thanks again, hope you can help me as i hope i can help you.
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Welcome! No there really isnt alot of stuff on the market right now for our iMs but I sure hope there will be soon. I have seen alot of people already starting to make their own mods with alot of success tho.
what is everyone doing for hids or led in the headlights?
The Scion iM is really new right now, but the tuner challenge and public demand makes me confident that parts will be coming soon.
And there are also TRD accessories that are already in existence that would work with the iM, I assume you'd have to get them shipped from overseas right now though.
It is sold as the Yaris in Europe.
I think you misspelled Auris.
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Yaris is in a segment under the Auris. Though people here would know that by now since it's also sold in may other nations, even where most of these members are ... north america.
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