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New iM owner

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Hello all.

I'm Mike from BC Canada.
Long time Toyota fan.
We have owned a 92 4x4 pickup, a 97 Tacoma 4x4, I bought a 2015 Tundra TRD last year and we have just purchased a 2016 iM manual in Blizzard White to replace our 13 year old Matrix we bought brand new in 2003.

First of all. This iM is a much better car than our original Matrix.

We picked it up off the lot last week and were quite disappointed in how dirty the car was. The engine bay was filthy, the gaps between the lights and the body held tons of dirt and the lower valance was covered in dirt.
This car had 60km on it total, so not sure where the dirt came from? Shipping? On the boat from Japan? On a transport truck or train across the country?

I contacted the sales manager to tell of the dirt and disappointment. He was sorry, blaming the junior lot boy working that day.
I requested a full detail from them.
We dropped the car off last Saturday and they attempted to clean it and give it back to us. I got it home and still filthy in the crevasses between the lights and body and any where else I could find.
Im not talking slight dirt, I mean true caked on dirt.
With no follow up from the sales manager at all this week to see how the car was. I have decided my business of service and maintenance and future purchases will go thru the dealer I bought my Tundra from.

So not impressed with the local Toyota/Scion dealer.

It sucks our brand new car, that we waited 13 years for had to show up this way so filthy and leave us sour the evening we brought home our new car.

With all that aside.
Our Matrix was exceptionally dependable with next to zero repairs over 13 years. I'm looking forward to the iM and many years of dependable use.


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Hey Mike, you should file a complaint with TCI (Toyota Canada Inc). There is a process for that, I think you can find some more info on
I think I will.

You know the feeling when you bring a new car home and you are absolutely thrilled and excited?
Well that feeling was ruined.

Thanks for the comment.

This car rails corners nicely compared to our old Matrix.
The new rear suspension design and the wider and more lo pro tires definitely help with that.
Bummer. Off to a bad impression.

If you have the option, go to a new dealership from here on out.
Welcome! :)
Welcoem to the forums, that sucks that your local dealer completely screwed up your bring home the baby experience. That would supremely piss me off.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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