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Hello you all! The first mod i did was to put a BRZ seat in the car to which wasnt so bad to do.
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I started by comparing the rails mounting of both seats and came to the conclusion the iM rails bolts right up to the BRZ seat (with LITTLE to no force) once in the car, I was able to plug in the airbag (which works) but the BRZ seat is a not large enough to fit naturally in the iM mounting points... BUT! with little elbow grease, you can get it to fit (little warning tho) your seat will be a little hard to adjust..

I also put a muffler with deleting the 2 rear mufflers (before the long one)
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And then! A MWR short shifter.

I have with me a YELLOW fog light kit waiting in my room, an NST pulley and GODSPEED lowering springs also waiting in a box as well as an OEM "Auris" badge that i plan to put on the car

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Looks like the BRZ seat has more bolstering, are there other benefits?

How is it on comfort - I personally think the stock seat is pretty decent in that department.
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