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Hi, after burned a few ballast on my Venza with the auto light that kick in whenever its dark. I build a cheap alternative so that I can still use the auto light function without the voltage drop spike during engine cranking. And this set up worked fairless on my 3 yrs old venza. Now it is a bit tricky with our IM as the flash to pass need to be functional without delay.

This is the cheap HID harness, delay turn on module(Not the one in the picture, I bought the wrong one as this is for delay turn-off, you going to need to delay turn-on and set it to 8-10 sec, so you will have enough time to start engine before the HID turn on), a diode that connect to the high beam for delay bypass.

This is my 5000K 55w kit

Night driving in full dark road

Low and high beam cut off at 7-80 feets

And the weird beam pattern...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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