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the guys at Motor Trend got behind the wheel of the iM and today posted their first drive review of it. You'll find some positives quoted below but for the full review, go here: 2016 Scion iM Review - First Test - Motor Trend

Ride comfort, on the other hand, is surprisingly good. The independent suspension setup soaks up bumps and rough patches nicely and keeps road imperfections from shaking occupants' innards to bits. Compared with its rivals, the iM splits the difference between comfort and sportiness but leans more toward the former, making it a viable commuter car. In addition, the cabin, which has plenty of insulation from exterior and powertrain noises, is a pleasant place to spend time.
The iM has generous passenger space, with plenty of head- and legroom up front and in the back, even for tall adults. The front seats in particular have generous side bolstering and good back support, even for mildly enthusiastic driving. In a pinch, a fifth passenger can fit in the rear center position, and the lack of a central hump in the second row means more legroom for occupants in the back. An expansive windshield and nicely sized side windows provide good visibility and keep the cabin from feeling claustrophobic. Rear visibility suffers, however, because of the small rear window and rear-seat headrests that block the driver's view out the back.
Behind the 2016 iM's split-folding rear seats is 20.8 cubic feet of cargo space, a tad more than in the Mazda3 hatch but less than in the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus hatch. With the second row up, a large check-in roller bag will easily fit, but one of the rear seatbacks need to be folded to accommodate more cargo.
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