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Modifications to make the iM towable

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This past weekend I took the front off my new iM and installed a Roadmaster baseplate in order to make the car towable behind my RV. I have uploaded some pictures showing the work in progress. I had to cut out some of the grill in order to attach the tabs. I routed wiring from the front connector over the wheel well and into the molding that runs from front to back. After that I continued between the rear fender and the liner into the rear area. I am impatiently awaiting the delivery of 2 LED light housings that will be placed on each side the license plate. With some luck the first phase of the conversion should be completed within 2 weeks. Next project is an auxiliary braking system. If anyone has done this, please communicate with me. I would like to know if you had any difficulty.



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Interesting. Was that bar made for the Corolla?
Yes it was. There are several manufacturers of this type of equipment to choose from. They must have quite an ordeal in creating a different configuration for each new car model. Mine was manufactured by Roadmaster. I used it because it was made by the same company that supplied the one for my previous car which was totaled by someone who "redecorated" the rear end.

Braking System

My braking system is now installed and working great! The system senses deceleration + brake lights and applies the brakes to the car using a vacuum cylinder attached to the brake pedal. If the RV brakes quicker, the brakes in the car go on stronger as well. This is a safety feature because without this system the RV would take longer to stop. All of these modifications were done to have as little impact on the existing car systems as possible so as not to void the warranty. If there is any interest, I would be happy to provide more detail.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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