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You might google the VIN, sometimes can find out a lot that way, if it has gone through an insurance auction or something of the sort. And of course there is always CarFax.

Can check the engine bay, wheel wells, undercarriage for signs of over-spray - see if it has been repainted. An old school trick is to use a magnet on the body panels to check for bondo... if it has much thickness the magnet won't be attracted as strongly - only works on metal body panels of course.

If you think it might have been flooded, can check places like the spare tire area, or lean the back seats forward so you can see down to underneath where they pivot, see if there might be signs there that didn't get cleaned up. Suspension and other nooks/crannies underneath would be places flood debris might get caught and missed when cleaning.

That is low mileage for a '16, hopefully it is a gem and not hiding some dark secret.
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