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Looking for some extra horsepower

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I recently put on a AEM cold air just for shits i know it doesnt do much but i dig the noise, although im now looking to get some more umph out of her, anyone got any recommendations for HP mods?
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I just bought a RaceLogic VBox Sport data logger so I can start logging performance differences with different mods. This way I can check acceleration runs with the car stock and also as I add each mod.

I plan on buying the AEM SRI too since it has a heat shield. It's not really a cold air intake but is an SRI. I had a similar Takeda SRI on my 2009 Corolla S with a Borla exhaust and it netted my roughly 12-14 HP from what the dyno showed. So instead of paying for 2 different dyno time blocks I bought this VBox Sport since it's so extremely accurate.

The only real mod to get serious extra power is to turbo charge it. I did that to my 2009 Corolla S and netted an extra 95 HP with a mild tune so it was worth every penny. Such a blast to drive with 230 HP now.
I got myself a 2017 iM and been looking for these types of upgrades, I'm not sure on what kind of turbo to put in (brand, etc.)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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