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Lets all try to hack this deck for mirroring!

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There has got to be a method to do this somehow somewhere. I phoned Pioneer even to ask if there is any sort of accessory I can purchase from them directly so we can mirror our phones to this radio so we can at least get some google maps on there. Pioneer are one of the kings of app radio so why cant ours be done. Anyways, they said they don't know and eventhough it is a pioneer product he has no idea on the headunit seeing it is a 'Scion' piece and that I should go ask the dealer... as if my 60 year old salesman is gonna know how to modify this to allow cell phone mirroring. I pulled the deck and took some photos of behind it. Any thoughts on this? There is 2 empty ports. One is like an 8 pin plug which obsiously wont be anything other than a wiring harness, the other is a suspicious looking small plug beside the radio antenna cable. Pioneer does sell a mirroring kit for approx. $100 to add to their double dins but after looking further into it the plug that is supposed to plug into the back of the deck does not match any of our empty ports. I've thought of changing the radio but there is no harness made for it yet, plus getting the oem camera to go onto a aftermarket radio wont be too much fun as well as the cost of a steering control module.


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Not going to happen. The two unused wiring harness spots you're referencing are for the BeSpoke Audio system / Bongiovi sound processor
I just purchased a wire harness, and control box from a Axxess for my IM. I contacted them and there send me the wire harness and control box to allow the steering control and the backup camera to work on my Kenwood head unit. It cost me around $250 for the items.
Stinks that they decided to leave out phone mirroring even though it's a car aimed at the generation that loves their phones.
Would that Axxess wire harness and control box work for mirroring our phones?
The Axxess kit i purchased is to allow the Kenwood head unit use the factory back up camera and steering controls. The Kenwood head unit has the mirror image feature built in , via usb cable or bluetooth
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Do you happen to have a part number especially for the backup camera portion (if it is separate). I was on Axxess website and struggled to find anything
As soon as I get the harness and control box from Axxess, I will post it. When I contacted them, they said it was a new harness kit and control box, for various Toyota and scions
Did you have any luck finding the pinouts for the PT546-00160? I currently have the PT546-00140 that uses a 16 pin connector for the camera, just bought a 160 of eBay and I am looking for info one where to the camera needs to be connected. The 160 doesn't have the 16 pin connector - I believe the camera should connect to the 24 pin connector.

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