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Interior lighting help

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Hey guys, I just purchased a 2017 iM, and one thing I do not care for is the interior lighting. I was wondering if there were any links that would give instruction on how to install LED strips in the footwell? Thanks in advance!
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Interior lights are pretty straight forward. I have two in the front footwells and one in the cubby.

Option 1(The simplest) - Tie into an existing light source or use the Cigarette Lighter Port (What I did).

Option 2- Install from the battery and add an on/off switch.

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I know the thread is old, but maybe someone will need to see this. Most LED strip lights are very easy to install. You don’t need any additional knowledge to set them up or adjust them: just plug them in, power them on, and lay out the strip lights in the car using stickers. After that, you must use the remote control to change the colors and modes the lights work in. I have some in my car, too, and I will never go back to regular ones because I fell in love with dim and soft lightning that does not hurt my eyes and creates a special atmosphere in the car. This type of interior car lighting is my favorite now.
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