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Never knew window tints came clear. how effective are they when it comes to blocking heat and UV rays?
It was only 80 and sunny today and car was really hot inside after work.

From the website:

Dyed Window Tint. Offers enhanced privacy and style with good heat rejection and 99% UV protection**
Metallized Window Tint. The benefits of dyed window tint plus superior heat rejection for a cooler, more comfortable ride
Ceramic Window Tint. Offers superior heat rejection and 99% UV protection** while allowing clear signal reception for your electronic devices, such as your mobile phone, GPS, and keyless entry
The place I came to get my windows tinted happened to have 3M materials, let's see how this goes, will post pics of finished product


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dyed window tint doesn't compare to metallic or ceramic tints. it's outdated and is basically like spraying lens tint on your windows. Ceramic tints are hands down the best for blocking UV and IR rays.
Don't the dyed ones just end up turning purple or something after constant sun exposure
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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