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iM at Skybound's 5th Anniversary Party!

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iM showed up at the 5th Anniversary Party for Skybound Entertainment! (more about them below)

What is Skybound?

Skybound is the home of Robert Kirkman’s creator-owned work including his Eisner Award-winning comic book series, The Walking Dead, long-running Invincible, all-ages Super Dinosaur,Thief of Thieves and Clone as well as Witch Doctor, Guarding the Globe and The Astounding Wolf-Man. Since its inception, Skybound has created television shows, merchandise and a wide spectrum of platforms, games and entertainment events (The Walking Dead Escape). Skybound’s successes include the comic behind the hit Emmy®-winning television show, AMC’s The Walking Dead.
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Funny place to advertise the Scion iM, but I'm sure that it was a fun party. I suppose these hip young people who would attend this party are basically the Scion target customer. It seems this is the general marketing strategy they have because I have seen several photos of the iM at various events like this.
That's what seems to be happening, them making efforts to hit their target market. I know they've also reached out to some hip hop artists already as part of a promotional video... no word on when we'll be seeing that.
Heard that the Spring Green Metallic color will most likely be the 25 and under crowd's favorite so that may be why that specific one was brought to the event. They also gave away two tickets to this event. Wonder who the lucky winners were.
Hip-hop artists? Does that mean we are going to get an original rap in some Scion iM commercial. Could be a home run or a complete miss.
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