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iM ah Mainiac

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Hi everyone. Happy happy iM ownah from the great state of Maine. Just slid into the seat of my new blizzard pearl iM CVT just before the new year. I love all the do-dads on this cah as all I had before was a stripped 2010 Matrix and a stripped 2005 Pontiac Vibe. Looking to continue the trouble free ownership of this Corolla family of fine vehicles. Took the Vibe 240,000 miles and the Matrix 160,000 mi. Yessah, we do some drivin up heah in Maine chum.
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Do you have snow in Maine right now? How does the iM handle itself in such wintery conditions?
Looks like the universe responded with a cooler vibe wearing a scion badge ;)

Bet you're really loving how fun the iM is in comparison to others like it.
Welcome to the forum! Always good to rust proof a new car that you plan on keeping for a long time to come especially if you live in an area that gets annual snowfall.
I'll let you guys know how she pulls. I bought the iM because I think it's retarded to go around with all wheel drive on all the time on dry roads roaching out the vicious coupling to be replaced to the tune of $$$. That being said, I can find myself in dicey situations, like when the snow covered logging road upta camp suddenly turns into ice. This weekend I'll be seeing how the tire chains from the Matrix fit. I'll have to protect those alloy wheels with cardboard due to the tighteners. If I'm unlucky, I may need chains maybe twice a winter and all at below 15 mph just to get myself out to the state highway. Then hitting moose becomes a problem out there. Maine the way life should be! And made a **** sight better in my fancy pants new iM!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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