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Had an 07 Si, got in a fender bender...

Tire Car Vehicle Wheel Automotive tire

and now I'm here with this
Car Wheel Land vehicle Tire Vehicle

2016, 29k miles and it's meh but it is what it is. I have the same user name over at if ya'll wanna check that out.

I'm starting with small stuff in 2021
*WeatherTech floor mats
*auto folding mirrors
*Morimoto HID
*eBay fog lights (mainly for the housing that'll eventually house Morimoto projectors)
*interior LEDs
*sequential turn signals

Bigger plans for 2022
*complete audio re-do bc it sounds... Basic
*custom trunk subwoofer box
*custom CAI like I had on my Si
*leather seats
*(maybe in 2024-2025) wrap the car

I'm still undecided if I wanna work under the hood bc (my views as of right now) the starting point isn't that good to begin with (1.8L) and I don't have the knowledge of what others have done and its potential.

Anyhow. I'm here to learn and contribute when I feel I can do so.

Thanks for reading.
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