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Whats up everyone!

Im thinking about buying a Rockford Punch p300-12 for my iM mostly because of the size of it and with having a dog that is always in the trunk i cant have a sub in there all the time and the Rockford has a quick release harness so i can always take it in a out!
I would really like to keep the stock system mostly because its a lease so im not trying to go all out on the system just enough so im thinking about getting a High to Low converter like this one below! I had one in my Lancer with 2 12 inch Kickers and a 2000 watt Rockford amp, didnt sound as great if i had a head unit but it got the job done!

anyways what everyones experience with High to Lows converters and tips or certain ones i should get?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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