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HID Flicker caused by DRL?

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Hey guys, just recently bought myself an iM. My local Toyota dealership paid to have an aftermarket HID kit put into the car before I picked it up, and I've noticed over the past week that they flicker or pulse ever so slightly when viewed on a garage door or the car in front of me for example. It's barely there, but there nonetheless.

I did some research and found a bunch of info regarding DRL's interfering with HID kits. I notice when on Auto, my DRLs run normally during the day, and "dim" to maybe half brightness when the low beams (HIDs) come on.

The guy who installed them asked me to drop the car off for a day for him to test, but I really just want to take care of it myself at this point. My instincts tell me to just say screw HIDs and throw the best Halogens I can find back in, or try LEDs as those might not flicker.

Anyway, has anyone put HIDs in their iM, and if so have you noticed this issue?

Thanks for any advice :)
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Well I ordered a set of Morimoto HIDs to see if a better quality kit + a relay harness will do the trick. Will update with info after install, hopefully this helps anyone else looking at installing HIDs in the iM.
I think the relay harness will do the trick for that. Happened to a buddy of mine' Jeep, and after installing the relay harness, it all evened out perfectly. Definitely in to hear if this helps.
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any updates??
i installed on mine,the light and pattern is ok but im pissed with the fans noise,the whole headlight assembly vibrates like crazy,i took apart the bulbs and did some work to them to lower the fans noise,but still having the headlight noise its lower but is there,really dont like that part!!
im looking now for hid maybe 5000k or 5500k.
no deep pockets for this just a decent set of 35w ac kits.
ddm is worth??
saw some phillips but the price is way high! opt7 and some others brands but they all seem made by the same chinese guy!
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