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Hello From The Bay Area!!!

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Hello! My name is Buzz and I've recently purchased a 2017 Toyota Corolla iM. I purchased the illuminated door sill (blue). I was wondering if the TRD lowering springs were worth the cost. It says it should lower the car by about 1" or so. Any pics of the TRD springs? Any worries with those springs causing scraping from underneath? TIA!
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What is this illuminated door sill you speak of?

Quite a few members here and on the Facebook group have installed the lowering springs.
Welcome. I would like to see the door sills , that sounds nice
Welcome. I would like to see the door sills , that sounds nice
They r still on order. Once they are installed, I will post pictures.
I was told by Toyota that the door sills were not available for my iM :(
The lowering springs are not available for the 2017 Toyota Corolla iM. I've talked to numerous dealerships, all of which denied there being trd lowering springs for the car, even though they appear on Toyota's web site itself. They might have discontinued them already, which sucks because the car's steering is very loose and wobbly.
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